Smith Magazine Classroom of the Week

Central Jersey Arts Charter School isn’t normally a school that would be found in a tough neighborhood in Plainfield,New Jersey. The arts-themed charter school was the central focus of a heated debate when it made its 2006 debut but has been helping produce an alternative atmosphere for students that other schools in the area could not provide. In producing creative and new innovations, Lori Loredo, the 8th grade Language Arts for the school, brought the power of Six Word Memoirs to her students.

“I feel this would be a perfect spot for a quote”

Once the idea of students producing six word memoirs grew legs, it became more than a writing exercise and spurned its own technology integration project. The final product became a video of the students’ six word memoirs that was displayed during the school’s graduation. From the inspirational (“Life’s like a theme, you decide…” by Emely) to the impactful (“Live    life like a paper plane” by Sewayne), the video did an amazing job of not only providing a snapshot  into the lives of the students but also innovating the high school graduation experience and  making it unique to everyone involved.

Featured below is the video played during the graduation, set to the sounds of “Hope” by  Twista. Loredo is still using Six Word Memoirs to help her 8th grade students. Her own Six Word Memoir? “Determined to make difference. Won’t quit.”



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